Butterfly Life … 111014

I need the nectar scented there
that rests within my favourite flower
I search and follow heavy scents.
I flit, I flounce and seem to bounce.

A strange long beast with many feet
walking leaves and munching his seat
reminds me! No! It can’t be true.
I flit, I flounce and seem to bounce.

A new scent calls and there he is
O gorgeous boy, I can’t wait for this!
Ecstasy! but  for the last time,
I flit, I flounce and seem to bounce.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to Butterfly Life … 111014

  1. Truly beautiful poems, I’m glad I found you 🙂


  2. eugene1941 says:

    You flit, you flounce … my G*d you bounce!!! Yes, Mother Nature is full of surprises.
    Butterflies live only a few hours, a day, maybe three, but look how beautiful they are.
    This wonder of nature reminds me of a remark of Jesus.. “Look at the lilies, they don’t weave nor collect thread, and even King Solomon in all his riches has never worn such stunning garment”.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is very true, that is why everyone should feast his eyes on the resplendence of the seasons that are passing by.
    May our eyes always be capable of seeing the majesty of Mother Earth.

    Thanks for such beautiful poems, David.
    I treasure each one of them.
    With love and light.



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