Moses Tape 6

Following the previous message on the tree.
You do not understand?
The Tree of Life.
You are the tree, you are all the tree, it is within each of you.
Many groups have sought its meaning throughout the ages. True meaning comes from within, as we said before if you go within and meditate on the tree it will give up its secrets to you.

 You are more complex than you realise; you exist on many levels all at the same time. Each level has meaning and purpose. Your consciousness extends through many levels; most are only conscious of the physical and perhaps emotional but do not associate their innermost perceptions with consciousness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Your meditation on the tree will bring these levels into full awareness of their relationships. Now is not the time for gurus or teachers on earth. Their time is past, you need no intermediary. Become at one
with God through your own growing awareness of the Divine within.

Awareness of the tree and its associations can be as complex or as simple as you wish to make it, or as the level of mind dictates. You are more than you realise yes, but look for the elegant simplicity in all
You complicate things too much!
The simple answer is the best answer.
(Bless you Moses.)
Yes, we are Moses and much besides. In love and faith. 


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