In order to fulfil our mission on the path to Ascension we need to use our gift or gifts for
the benefit of all.
However, through fear of family, the all present peer pressure, critical or criminal
circumstance we may be forced onto a path that does not serve our true purpose, that does not allow us to prosper the present that is the gracious gift within, which we were meant to use for the benefit of not just ourselves but for all creation at this time.

Some are so lost that they will say they know of no such gift, that now lies buried under
the shell they have been forced to create around and within themselves. Often like the core of an onion, many layers deep.

How to search for our gift is a conundrum that many have tried in vain to fathom, that only leads to frustration and often brings a greater sense of unknowing, unbelieving  and unbelonging.

To find a place of peace with no distraction is a start. And then to understand that we
have in fact three levels of mind and only one of them will give the answers we seek.

The left brain we love to use most, to reason, to argue and to calculate is the furthest
from our goal. The right side, often referred to as our intuitive self, is closer, but our aim does not exists in the head where these two sides of the physical brain reside. The mind we seek can only be found in the heart and it is this location that will eventually, and with patience, give us what we need to fulfil our true purpose for which we were born.

If we are looking for some extraordinary accomplishment that will make us stand out from
the crowd, bring us money or instant enlightenment, we will likely be disappointed. Often the simplest gift goes unrecognised but is the most precious. One of these golden gifts is the ability to  listen. To listen with patience, focus and understanding. It is in fact the
beginning of the healing gift.

So listen to your heart mind. Listen with patience, with growing understanding and soon you will begin to realise your true purpose and the precious gift, the secret that lies in the treasure chest of your heart will be revealed. The uncovering of this gift may bring to you the acknowledgement of a love within that you had never felt before. Watch out for this. It is worth all the gold in all the treasure chests that ever existed!

There are two more levels of the heart that will bring amazing experiences to you and I
can recommend a guide to help you in this most important journey, so tune in for free to
towards the time of the next solstice in December and join the growing band of seekers, on the Golden Light Project, finding true meaning in their lives by discovering their Precious Gift.


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One Response to THE PRECIOUS GIFT … 111011

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David,

    Yes, I do agree! Finding and admitting one’s own gift(s) is a difficult journey. So much pressure has come from our culture, our families, our friends that we have buried the Light under the bushel for fear that we might be criticized or even ostracized.
    Some of us are defiant and do not care about ” what others may say or think “, but too many are scared to death and prefer silence (which they say in my country Belgium, cannot be bettered )
    rather than incurring the smiles and the bad jokes that their revelation may attract.
    To finish my comment, let me quote you :
    “The uncovering of this gift may bring to you the acknowledgement of a love within that you had never felt before. Watch out for this. It is worth all the gold in all the treasure chests that ever existed!”
    for I can vouch that this is TRUE.
    With love and light.



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