Words of Wisdom from Baba via Heart2Heart

Follow your conscience. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you may think none has noticed it, but God knows, for He is in your heart. People worry about petty temporary things that are like passing clouds and
falter in faith and devotion. This is not correct. You should never give up devotion. Your good work will beget God’s grace without fail.
Sin or merit comes only from your own deeds, not from outside. If you spend your time thinking of God and chanting His name, you will never come to grief. Follow the dictum,
Sathyam vada, Dharmam chara
(speak the truth, practice righteousness) and you are bound to be successful always. Truth is common to all countries and all times. If you follow truth, which is verily God, you will invariably do only righteous acts. Divine love will flow to you and ensure you are always doing sacred work.

Divine Discourse, Apr 18, 1998.


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