Once more I find the garden, secret,
That only meditation brings.
I smell familiar scents of my garden,
I feel and sense the closeness of my friends.
They bring me comfort, yes, and strength,
The will to go forward, the will to succeed,
But with the peaceful, patient willingness
Without the wilfulness,
Without the ego centred stress of carnal things.
Where batteries are recharged,
Where friendships forged with other worldly friends.
Not friendless any more but friendly, unconditionally.
Having felt loveless and unloved,
Still loving – finding loveliness,
Feeling being loved again, feeling love, being love.
Finding love within.
That peace which only God can give
Is there within for all to find.
The temple tended well, the lamp is lit,
Th’ eternal flame burns on the altar of self sacrifice.
(The temple cast down and rebuilt in three days
Was himself. He spoke of the ‘inner temple’
Being resurrected on the third day.)
Prepare well, then, the temple of the Lord.
Allow the eternal flame to grow and shine forth,
For all to see.
Be at peace with me, be at peace with you
Love me, love you.


About David

Devonian writer
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