9. New Light Group with Heaven on Earth 111009

The word community has been with us now for some years, not knowing in what form it would take and the idea of a ‘Community of Light’ really does appeal as it answers that fundamental question of form. It would not matter where we were … I knew the Internet had a hidden purpose!!

The releasing quality of the New Light brought into focus the true meaning of relationship and gels so well with work I have been doing to release, not so much contacts, but contracts that were made in the past and perhaps the remote past that no longer serve any purpose and may be let go of now. As I moved into the sacred space of stillness I had the sensation of turning so strong that it became almost, but not quite, unbearable as I felt I would become dizzy, until I realised that all the other members of our NL group were on the merry-go-round with me. As if turning within a vortex of light.

The Soul of Sirius bringing the combined rays of love to us from throughout the Universe and focusing the light through the 3rd eye, into the centre of the head and thence to the spinal chord and the nervous system was a profoundly healing experience. But the most
beautiful event was when allowing the light to illuminate the mind itself, thoughts ceased in content and there were moments when your voice faded and then returned as it was like watching thoughts themselves emerge but with no defined reason, impetus or content like
the bubbles in a glass of spring water. As all action begins with thought, this was like watching ‘creation in the making’ if that is possible!
The dynamic quality of the light produced a most invigorating, enlightening and enjoyable session. I think you could say I’m feeling on top of the world right now!
Many thanks to both you Chris and to Sananda. (www.Heaven-on-Earth.co.uk)
David in Spain.


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