GROUP THERAPY ( Or searching for Ascension) … 111006

There are many ancient ruins of  Castles and Cathedrals, Churches and Circles, Pyramids and Temples that we are drawn to, all over the world. So are we drawn to a remembrance of the past, a calling from previous lives, or is it just the mystery of the unknown? What’s it all about? Should we feel something in these places?
Many act on the basis of the Biblical saying that, ‘when two or three are gathered …’ and
believe that when they visit an ancient ruin in a group, the combined energies and experiences of the participants enhance one another, and bring a heightened level of energy and understanding of the venue, to each and everyone, in degrees according to their individual level of inspiration or influence by others. In truth most do enjoy, but there are occasions when others feel a sense of other worldliness or of not belonging.
Why is that?

I have attended many such group excursions and my reasons for joining such parties were
predominantly to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the leader, to educate me in the uses and reasons why, for such ancient edifices. Then there were occasions when I went out on a limb and found my own way to places of pre-history and of power. Or to the
edge of a simple stream in the wilds of Wales, to help in the restoration of the energy lines of that much mined and maligned and I believe magical land, where I had holidays of happiness throughout my youth. On my own I felt a profound presence and I knew that I
belonged, I was of use and at peace.

The greatest blessing is when people of like mind come together in common purpose enjoying precious moments together in the ambiance of an ancient site or maybe even in a village hall or someone’s front room. The exchange of personal feelings and visions received, when together in this way, brings upliftment of the spirit and joy in the moment, joy in sharing.

I asked our communicators about these experiences in the following way …
When two or three are gathered together so to speak, you know, that experience seems to be enhanced by the interplay, and exchange of experience between those people in the group. Well, is this the thing
that actually makes a visit worth while?
Our Angelic friends quoted right back to me:
Exactly. I will tell you that you know that in the gospels, in your gospels it says wherever there are two or three ..
Why not one?
So why not one indeed. If there is a moral to this interchange, an answer to our questions, it is that whatever you experience is brought to where you are by none other than you.
Perhaps you just needed time and common purpose to allow you to experience your own amazing intuition. And for those who felt out of place perhaps you are one of the rare ones who need time on your own when you can learn to trust yourself!
When you are ready, there’s nothing like a bit of group therapy!


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2 Responses to GROUP THERAPY ( Or searching for Ascension) … 111006

  1. I have just read through your very interesting Messages section pages… Your comments are now turned off so I cannot leave a comment there.. But I too have channelled as you, with pencil in hand… and let what will be come… Also in trance states.. I have spoken.. Many such communications you can find within my Automatic Writing section .
    Be well and many Blessings your way.


  2. I have been a seeker all my life… And I have attended many Groups and I have created Groups for others to attend and develop.. But it matters not what guru you seek for all our searching… We first have to find the peace within ourselves..
    I listen to many who teach what they have found and I have been enriched by their knowledge… But Knowledge also comes from that inner knowing within… And I have come to understand that I can share that which I know… But we each of us have to come to that place of knowing ourselves.. and being at One and at peace with our inner Being..Each of us has to experience that for ourselves
    I so agree with you here that our experience is brought to us by ourselves.. TRUST in oneself and to follow ones own intuition is something many have forgotten how to do.. For they rely on so many external factors today to point them in the right direction.. Many need that Green-Man and the button even to cross the road.. We have forgotten to TRUST our inner being that Inner Compass to show us in which direction we should go…. Even myself included get lost amongst the trivia of life..And need that reminder from time to time to listen within..

    You have wise words for your readers here David .. And Much insight..
    Thank you for sharing ..
    ~ Dreamwalker


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