Sea of Fire 111002

Sea on Fire

Evening comes to us anyway
Morning regulates our every day.
But what if all the world should stop,
No more morning evening swap?
What then?

The sun, our blessed star of life
Sends energy and heat and light
To energise and keep us safe.
But what if it’s too hot to rave?
What then?

Taking in what the sun has to give
Teaches us how we must learn to live.
If not, just to see the sun a-setting
Not to care and live forgetting.
What then?

Look outside your own decision,
Look inside to find true vision.
Like how to avoid catastrophe,
Like setting sun sets fire the sea.
What then?



About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to Sea of Fire 111002

  1. Hi David this is a beautiful poem.. and we take life on Earth so much for granted.. What many do not understand is the balance of nature… The Sun and her flares gave us the hot weather here in the UK recently.. and we live in times of changes.. Yes What if…and What then?… Live each day as it comes…

    ( I read your About Me.. it seems we have lived a similar path within the Spiritualist Movement..I too have also have been connected to helping run and serve many churches around my district.)


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Dear David,

    Yes. What then ? We are so used to the rotation of the earth, to the nights and the days, and so set in our customs that if the Sun, our blessed Star of Life, would defraud us, I could well imagine that we would not know what to do.
    Will Life stop all together? Will we dry out of fright, as the Apocalypse foretells? Will our Planet spin the wrong way or will it explode like a balloon that has engulfed too much air?
    Many questions but so few answer. The prophets of doom tell us about a catastrophic future but none give us an acceptable solution.
    In the meantime, shouldn’t we go on living and loving as if our World will never end? Let us, for the time being, embrace Mother Earth and help Her to be well again?

    With all my love.



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