Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 12 …110930

Ruby Red Base Chakra of Relationships

This place has always been one of surprises for me. I saw that the Base looked like a deep
red globe of the world with darker continents. When I approached the door of the Red Room the heavy panels with iron hinges, the huge lock and key just disappeared as I reached out to turn the key and I was able to walk straight through into the room. The shelves were clear but for a single sheet that was taken, by the electric breeze that
followed me, into the fire and rapidly consumed. I ascended the stair next to the fire to the room above where my friend Patrick was waiting. We sat and discussed the latest letting go of no longer needed contracts and these were carefully taken from the shelves and
added to his fire. The remaining volumes and scrolls left on the shelves seemed to be full of electric light. As I came back downstairs I noticed that the Base was now a Ruby Red Globe with luminous red Continents held in the bosom of a deep red perfumed rose. As the Golden Light (GL) surged down on to Mother Earth (ME) it looked like a huge red blanket covering the whole surface of the earth being slowly absorbed but then reflecting back out to a level above the globe creating a matrix of Golden Red protection to the whole of ME. Warm and safe! Golden Blessings to all.
In Love and Faith
David in Spain


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