Solitude 110927

You see the single empty waiting chair
Crowded in by it’s verdant green despair
Infuriates you as it calls, ‘come here’.
And only amplifies your loneliness.

Last years brown leaves crumble as if your fault
Like yesterdays hopes, your own dreams default
And fly away to the forgotten vault.
Only deepening dreadful loneliness.

Future expectation’s now a blank view.
Present vista bleached, white out, mind askew.
Such plans and propositions you once knew,
Unremembered in boring loneliness.

But blank pages invite a fresh design,
A new look rising out of your resign.
White light becomes the constant single sign,
That chews and gnaws away at loneliness.

Flashes of illumined inspiration
Bring fresh insight to your resignation.
Trusting in your Divine Destination
Loneliness is becoming Al-One-ness.



About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to Solitude 110927

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Dearest David,

    I would not like to tire your readers by adding my comments of admiration. Your beautiful way of writing, your poems full of your own experiences, your ease with words, made me love you and I never grow fatigued of reading you.
    Many happy writings, my dearest, may Love and Light always accompany you in your aim.
    With love and admiration,



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