Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 10 … 110928

Yellow Fire of Personal Power in the Solar Plexus

Well, I thought it was less than ripe fruit that had given me a gut ache, but as I feel that my gut reaction to events is not what I think it should be I began to wonder! Nothing wrong with the initial colour of bright yellow of the dandelion but I could not say radiant. The unwanted energies of beige and grey were collected in the dark sphere and the laser light from the Brow had within it the now familiar blue electric sparks as it first cleared and then disintegrated the now white sphere, raining the golden drops onto Mother Earth (ME) below. Maybe the lack of movement in our affairs at the moment has brought the feeling that personal power to effect any change is at a low ebb? At the close the
Solar Plexus was a perfect sphere, glowing and radiant with golden yellow light. Power to the People! Thank you both, I feel strong again.
In Love and Faith
David in Spain


About David

Devonian writer
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