Golden Light Project #8 Comments – Day 9 … 110927

Emerald Lower Heart of Divine Destiny

You asked the question Renata. ‘How are you feeling?’ The answer has to be. ‘Good!’
This was one of those occasions when as they say. ‘I was out of it!’ When the images of the
Divine Destiny paraded before me I was treated to a marvellous multicultural mirror, reflecting all those with whom I now know I must work. Green and pink are my favourite colour duo and the two aspects of the heart seem to percolate through to my physical
existence forming the coloured path before me overlaid with the magenta of unconditional love. Again Renata, from what I recall of this experience today, so simple, so beautiful and so powerful. Thank you my Soul Sister and Soul Brother Steven. I am grateful, simply
beautiful and so powerful am I.
In Love and Faith
David in Spain


About David

Devonian writer
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